Release June 2024

We are happy to deliver the brandnew June 2024 release with the new spreadsheet options and a new always encrypted mode and many more! Try it now!

Remember, the Web Client is the user friendly spreadsheet for your Collector Users to deliver their monthly/weekly/daily data. The Web App is the tool for the Power User to setup and control your organization’s collection workflows.

(1) Web Client: New Spreadsheet Options (only for Power Users)

We have a new feature for Power Users! If you are either in the role of an “Tenant admin” or an “Application owner” then you’ll see the new Spreadsheet Options command in the context menue of the spreadsheet if you have pressed also “Ctrl”:

… which enables you to configure the new Spreadsheet Options:

  • Unhide all rows and columns
  • Page Layout Settings (Gridlines)
  • Formula calculation and Error Checking
  • Unprotect Sheet or Workbook
  • View Settings (Formula Bar, Named Ranges, Frozen Panes, Headers)

Using e.g. the Unhide function will shou you – as a power user – all hidden rows and columns:

(2) Web Client: Always Encrypted on Dimension Keys (Preview)

Until now, it was only possible to apply the Always Encrypted function only on numeric fields like “Measure01”.

Unfortunately this costs a lot of performance in the Web Client and makes any READ process much slower. Therefore we make it possible now, the encrypt the Dimension Keys and not the numeric fields. This encryption is applied to the fact table …

… as well as on the key fields in the dimension tables:

This brings also some restriction like reduced filter options on these fields and the sorting is not possible. But we are optimistic that this change can bring huge performance gains. If you are interested in (temporarely) change the encryption on your application and test the new possibilities, please contact us.

(3) Web Client: Calculated Columns for Dynamic Tables

With this release, it is also possible to use calculated columns on your dynamic tables – they are kept and calculated after the refresh of the dynamic table:

(4) Web Client: Simplified Definition for By Column Mapping

We have simplified the definition for the data1_CELLS01_ByColumnMapping parameter: until now you had to write “data1_CELLS01_MEASURE_0” and so on …

… from now on you can leave the “data1_CELLS01_” prefix and simply write “MEASURE01_0” (which is the target column and the relative record number):

Please note that the previous syntax is also continued, so you do not need to update your existing workbooks.

(5) Web Client: New Parameter “data1_IsWriting”

We have created a new parameter “data1_IsWriting” which has 2 parameters:

  • 0 = no Write process is executed
  • 1 = Write process is executed

You can use this parameter e.g. to set alternative dimension keys for the write process other than for the read process. This parameter is derived from all CELLS0x areas.

(6) Web Client: Data Ranges for Copy Data Processes (Add-On)

We have created the possibility to define data ranges as filters for Copy Data processes:

(7) Debugging and Improvements

We have improved the CELLS02 feature, which was introduced with the May 2024 release. There was an issue with the WRITE process if the CELLS02 area didn`t have any write activated cells, another issue with Date-Ranges during the READ process and an issue with DATE01_Level definitions.

There was an issue with the record set structure in combination with CELLS02 and SysDelta definitions.

We have also improved the initial refresh for dynamic tables, which was also introduced with the May 2024 release. Before the initial refresh is executed the top element from the dimension tree is loaded into the sheet with the dynamic table since this is often used as filter criteria for the dynamic table.

There were two issues with the Iterate Sheet function which are solved now.

Furthermore we solved an issue with DIM001_Alternative Keys which resulted in a very poor READ performance. Another issue could be solved with poor performance for emptying cells during the READ process under certain conditions.

There was also an issue with the check for the activation/deactivation of the WRITE button which led to poor performance during data entry in the workbook and/or when scrolling the workbook.

In combination with the new Action Buttons the dialog for unsaved data was not shown, this is solved now.

We hope you like the new features – we are very curious about your feedback!

Please let us know what you think about and what kind of planning and data collection processes you evaluate to automate.

we #StandWithUkraine

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