Release May 2021

We are happy to deliver the brandnew May 2021 release with the new editable Dimension Tree and the new Power BI Custom Visual Prototype. Try it now!

Remember, the Web Client is the user friendly spreadsheet for your Collector Users to deliver their monthly/weekly/daily data. The Web App is the tool for the Power User to setup and control your organization’s collection workflows.

(1) New editable Dimension Tree: Collector User view

From now on it is possible that your Collector Users can create new elements in the dimension tree! More exactly, the bottom level elements in the dimension tree can be edited by users, who get the “create” right. You`ll find the edit dialog as kontext menu on the dimension tree elements on the bottom level as well as the elements on the penultimate level: in both cases the element is created on the bottom level. If the user does not have the right to edit the dimension tree (or parts of it) then the edit dialog is disabled:

The creation of a dimension tree element needs the entry of two information: the key and the name of the element:

If the dimension key already exists then the element will not be created. After the element was created only the name (and not the key) can be edited. Please be aware that this feature is very mighty and therefore your users have to be instructed how to define keys and how to use the delete function.

(2) New editable Dimension Tree: Power User view

The editable dimension tree will not be relevant for every application, threrefore the dimension tree is by default NOT editable (as it was until now). If you want to activate this new function, you do that on a workbook level:

On a more detailled level, the user-specific definition for the whole dimension tree or only for branches of the dimension tree ist set via the new “create” right in the Row Level Security definition:

(3) New Showcase: “Weekly Cash Planning” (in German)

We are happy that we have the “Weekly Cash Planning” as our 7th Public Showcase:

The showcase demonstrates how the logic from the established financial planning tool “iXPlan” can be used within the service to collect cash planning information e.g. from several companies:

If you are interested to use this solution for your own company please contact Mr. Pfitzer from Pfitzer Consult in Coburg / Germany:

(4) Power BI: New Custom Visual (Prototype)

We are really proud that we can show with our existing public showcase “Weekly Project Status” …

… how collections could look like with a Power BI Custom Visual:

Please note that this is a prototype in order to test the feasibility. If you as a company are interested in this technology please feel free to contact us.

Read also our blogpost – you´ll find there an embedded version of the demo application to test the Power BI Custom Visual in action!

(5) Power BI: New iFrame Embedding for the Web Client (Prototype)

We invested also in another feasibility prototype – namely the embedding of the Web Client via iFrame e.g. into Power BI:

You can see the iFrame HTML Code in the bottom of the Power BI Page, we used the “normal” custom visual “HTML Viewer” to embed the Web Client into Power BI. After the login you can use as you know it directly on a Power BI Page:

If you as a company are interested in this technology please feel free to contact us.

(6) Web App: New paging mechanism for large Tables

Until now it took a long time to load large tables within the Web App. With the new paging mechanism for large tables this issue is solved now:

(7) Web App: Change in default Landingpage for Power Users

Until now a Power User was directed to the Web App and it was difficult to navigate to the “Collector Users`Landingpage” as a Power User. Vice versa, a Power User who has also (in another application) a Collector User role was directed to the “Collector Users`Landingpage” and it was difficult to navigate to the Web App.

We have changed that now. A Power User is directed now always to the Web App and we added in the navigation pane on the left the links to the “Collector Users’ Landingpage” an to the “Public Showcase Gallery”:

Definition: a Power User is a user who either has a Tenant Admin role or an Application Owner role.

(8) Enterprise Plan: User Interface finished

We are happy that we have finished the User Interface for Companies / Users with an Enterprise Plan. We have checked and streamlined all screens, dropdowns, etc. to make the maintenance of the Enterprise Plan features as efficient as possible. Furthermore we added new tabs for the different user roles in your tenant:

(9) Enterprise Plan: New ODATA rights

Until now the private ODATA feed was always enabled for both read and write. From now on this can be configured on an application level and we recommend to set the “read” right since this will be sufficient for the most use cases:

(10) Tipp: Use icons in the dimension tree

One of our users showed us that it is possible to add UTF-8 symbols to the name of the dimension tree elements – which can make the dimension tree more friendly and more intuitively:

Simply add the UTF-8 Symbol to the Dimension Tree NAME:

Find UTF-8 Symbols:

Hope you like the new features – we are very curious about your feedback! Please let us know what you think and what kind of collection processes you would prefer to automate with 

And: stay healthy!

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