Release July 2022 (before the summer break)

We are happy to deliver the brandnew July 2022 release with the new Forward Projection feature and many other new features! Try it now!

Remember, the Web Client is the user friendly spreadsheet for your Collector Users to deliver their monthly/weekly/daily data. The Web App is the tool for the Power User to setup and control your organization’s collection workflows.

(1) New Forward Projection: Showase “HR Contracts”

We are happy to present a new feature for data forward projection! You can use it to project your Actuals to all periods of the planning horicont …

… as well as you can use to realize a “change” logic, which means that your users only have to enter the changes (instead of all periodical values):

Furthermore we have changed the “Employer Fees” column to a calculated column (so that the users do not have to calculate the values by themselves and edit them after every change):

(2) New Forward Projection: Extended READ Feature

A data entry with forward projection is realized in with a set of 2 visible und 2 hidden columns:

  1. Column N (Mode 2, visible) = the “Change” value is stored on an attribute of the fact records (here: NUM01)
  2. Column O (Mode 3, hidden) = the calculation of the projected value is done with normal Excel formulas and with a condition for the calculation only on bottom level elements
  3. Column P (Mode 1 or 4, hidden) = the query of the aggregated values is done with a switch for mode “4” on bottom level elements and “1” on aggregated sum level elements
  4. Column Q (Mode 0, visible) = simple sum of column O and P

Before the new release this worked already well for generating the records on WRITING.

But when READING back the values this did not work until now since the “carrier records” for the “change” values (on the fact attributes) could not READ back since the “carrier records” are not READ in the Mode 3 cells (in Column O).

The new extended READ feature makes it now possible, that the “change” values are READ from the attributes even if no “carrier record” is directly READ into the sheet

(3) Web Client: New “Recalculate” Parameter for Dynamic Tables

Until now every refresh of a dynamic table triggered automatically a “Recalculate” of the workbook formulas.

With the new Parameter

  • data1_Recalculate
    0 = Do not recalculate
    1 = Do recalculate

you can control now this behaviour.

The READ process is faster when the RECALCULATE is not done (value = 0). Some spreadsheet functions like INDEX() need an RECALCULATE to show current results, others do not need it. Please test in your own application if you can set the parameter to “0” and gain performance on refreshing the dynamic tables in your workbook.

(4) Web Client: “Changed Cells” Improvements

We have further improved the “Changed Cells” highlighting feature:

  • Support for Dark Themes
    e.g. black cell background and white font color
  • Support for Exception Type definitions
    e.g. data1_CELLS01_ExceptionType2

(5) Web App: Security Improvements

We have improved the security for ODATA and API calls with a new role-based security concept and make the application this way more powerful.

(6) Web App: Large Data Improvements for ODATA

In order not to run into timeouts when using the ODATA Feed we have implemented two major functions:

  • Paging Mechanism
    This means that the records are delivered in sets of 10.000 records and not all at once.
  • Query Parameters
    This means that you can – and should – use a filter on the actually needed records and columns.
    The Query Parameters are added to the ODATA URL like this:
    ?$filter=SYSTEM_IsDeleted eq false

(7) Web App: Large Data Improvements for Uploads

Until now the limit for uploading files was 28,6 MB per file …

… if you tried to upload such a file then you got this message:

We have extended this size limit now from 28,6 MB to 300,0 MB.

Please be aware that there is one issue left: when uploading such a file you will get this message after a few minutes …

… but the upload continues on the server and it will finish later. We will address this remaining issue in a future release.

(8) Web App: Improved Hierarchy Level Definition

Until now, the default definition for the Hierarchy Levels contained only the first 3 Level fields and the KEY/NAME field on the 4th level. We have changed that and in all new applications the hierarchy levels are defined up to the maximum of 11 levels, so there is no need to maintain this definition any more. Furthermore we have renamed the SORT field in order to automatically sort the list correctly.

Please evaluate in your own application to fill up this hierarchy level definition in order to be free of maintenance when increasing the number of dimension tree levels.

(9) Technical Improvements and Debugging

We have restricted dropdowns the Hierarchy Level definitions attributes only from the “Dim01 Dimension Tree” table.

There was another issue with allocating Collector Users to deleted applications.

An there was an issue with the column width in the “Sent E-Mails” section.

Last but not least we solved an issue with the quite new data1_Treefilter – it did not work with columns which had more than one dot (.) in their column name (e.g. DIM001.DIMTYPE.UID).

Hope you like the new features – we are very curious about your feedback! Please let us know what you think and what kind of collection processes you would prefer to automate with 

We`ll be back after the summer break with the September Release!

Stay healthy and we #StandWithUkraine

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