Release October 2022

We are happy to deliver the brandnew October 2022 release with the new dimension tree setting in multi-sheet workbooks and many other new features! Try it now!

Remember, the Web Client is the user friendly spreadsheet for your Collector Users to deliver their monthly/weekly/daily data. The Web App is the tool for the Power User to setup and control your organization’s collection workflows.

(1) Web Client: Remember the tree in multi-sheet workbooks

Until now, in multi-sheet workbooks the dimension tree was always reset to its initial configuration when the sheet was changed.

With this release, every sheet stores now its individual tree configuration when the sheet is left:

In this sheet the tree configuration is different and also stored individually with this sheet when it is left:

See the new default behaviour in action:

(2) Web Client: Performance improvements for new Details function

In the last Release (September 2022) we launched the new Details function to hide / show rows and colunns by pressing the new Details button. We have learned that this feature is slow if there are a lot of rows and columns and if the steering parameter is calculated with formulas.

Therefore we have improved the feature by stopping the formula calculation during the show / hide process and then trigger a recalculate() after the process. This improves performance e.g. from 10 sec to 3 sec.

(3) Web Client: Performance improvements with Always Encrypted

Always Encrypted means that the content of some or all columns in a database table of a datamodel is encrypted. That means that the content of this column is not readable for an unauthorized person even if this person should get access to the database. In the Enterprise Plan datamodels we usally encrypt the measure columns.

There was a big performance issue with this Always Encrypted feature (= Enterprise Plan). The issue was that a top level aggregation with e.g. 300,000 fact records takes 4 sec, with Always Encrypted enabled the same aggregation took 100 sec. We managed to improve this READ performance to about 10-15 sec which is a big step forward. Of course we will work to further improve that performance.

(4) Web Client: Changes on READ with the empty string “”

From now on, empty strings (“”) are not taken into account in the READ process. This is e.g. important if comments for Actuals should be collected with and the Actuals that were imported have empty strings in the relevant text attribute of the imported records. In this case it happened that not the entered comment (from the comment record) but the empty string (from the imported record) was shown on the READ process.

(5) Web Client: Changes on WRITE with the 0 and the empty string “”

From now on, 0 in measure cells are written back to the fact table as a record. This is important especially for the new forward projection feature which we introduced in the July 2022 Release. The writeback of 0 enables now the reduction of an existing projection down to 0 (until now you had to enter something like 0,001 to bring the value down to nearly 0).

On the other hand, empty strings (“”) in measure cells are not written back since this would cause a data type error on the numeric fields of the fact table.

This can be an important change for your application: if you don`t want that a result is written back you have no to output an empty string instead of a 0.

(6) Web Client: New multi-level query

Until now, a mix of different levels in a level query did not work – only the values for the keys were delivered:

With this release you can mix the levels as you like:

Please note that this is only a technical demo (the values and sums do not make sense).

(7) Web App: Delete as background task

We have introduced the background tasks for uploads last month in the September 2022 release. This month we roll out the background task also to the deletion of records:

The deletion is executed as background task on the server, the status bar is shown during the process is running and after it is finished:

This new background task guarentees that the deletion works reliable also with a large amount of data.

(8) Technical Improvements and debugging

We have solved an important issue with the new parameter data1_ReadOnSheetChanged on writeback. Another 2 issues with comments were solved, the comments were not shown properly under certain circumstances. Issues in the workbook wizard and a wrong interpretation of percentage figures in the sheet are solved now as well. Furthermore we solved an issue in multi-workbook / multi-workflow environments.

Hope you like the new features – we are very curious about your feedback! Please let us know what you think and what kind of collection processes you would prefer to automate with 

Stay healthy and we #StandWithUkraine

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